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Wildlife Control Service

When you hire Wildlife Control LLC, wildlife doesn’t stand a chance. We take a proactive and systematic approach to animal and rodent control that will exterminate and remove every last intruder from your property. From pigeons to mice, nothing can beat our time-tested wildlife control treatments. Reliable, affordable, and effective, you’ll thank yourself later for contacting us.

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Wildlife Inspections and Assessments

The first step in dealing with your wildlife problem is understanding exactly what we’re dealing with. Our professional wildlife control team leverages in-depth knowledge of the behaviors and lifecycles of animals, alongside years of on-the-job experience. Discovering possible entry points and identifying the often hidden signs, we will work to understand:

  • The type of animal or rodent
  • The size of the infestation
  • The extent of the infestation
  • The location of the infestation

With this knowledge in hand, we then write the findings of our assessment into a detailed report. Together, we will use this information to create a treatment plan that will deal with the intruders in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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Our treatments vary significantly depending on the type of wildlife and the kind of property we are dealing with.

We have wildlife control treatment programs for:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Birds
  • Snakes

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list, don’t worry. We can help. Call us now to get a quote.

We Treat Until the Animals Are Gone

Our approach is simple. We’re not done until the animals are gone.

We base our treatments on the facts and findings of our inspection. This information will allow us to make an estimate of the number of treatments necessary to eliminate the infestation. Because of our wealth of experience, we are very accurate in our predictions.

However, as an added guarantee, we typically do follow-up visits and assessments. The follow-up is meant to inform us of the progress. If there are no signs at all, our work will be done. But if we find more, we will recommend that you enlist us to perform another treatment until nothing is left.

Friendly Residential Wildlife Control Company

Are you a homeowner struggling to deal with a wildlife problem? We will find, identify—and if you want, relocate—a broad range of animals and rodents from your property. Take back control of your property, with wildlife control from Wildlife Control LLC.

Not only are our methods proven and our technicians skilled, but we’re also friendly, helpful, and polite. We know we’re coming into your home, and we act accordingly—with the utmost professionalism. We expect nothing less than exceptional customer service from our team. From your first phone call to the final follow-up visit, we promise you will get the customer care that we’ve built our reputation on.

Commercial Rodent Control Services

We offer a complete range of rodent control services designed specifically for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices, and other commercial properties. From one-time treatments to scheduled monthly services, we have an option that’s sure to suit the needs of your business.

Our treatment plans are always tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. But for businesses, this is especially important. We will work together to create a custom schedule that doesn’t interfere with your hours of operation. Moreover, the last thing you need is for the public to see our branded van parked in front of your business. We have unbranded vehicles to keep our services discrete.

In summary, we offer our commercial clients:

  • Quarterly and monthly treatments
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unbranded vans
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Green wildlife control programs

In addition to our wildlife relocation services, we also offer a range of environmentally friendly programs. In recent years, it’s become clear that older methods of wildlife control can be hard on the environment and the humans and pets that live in it. In response, Wildlife Control LLC has been one of the early adopters of eco-conscious, green, and organic animal control treatments.

We are happy to offer our valued clients the opportunity to reduce their ecological impact. After all, the environment is not just out there. It’s also in our homes, communities, parks, and cities. We believe it’s time to make a change. And we’re doing it in the way we know best.

Guaranteed Success with Wildlife Control Follow-Up and Prevention

To guarantee the quality and reliability of our services, we perform follow-up visits. These help us confirm the progress and status of the extermination. If everything is going as planned and the infestation is completely eliminated, that’s the last time you’ll see us. But if we find still find evidence of activity, we recommend that you enlist us to continue the treatment.

Once we’ve confirmed that the extermination or relocation has been successful, we will finish the work by sealing possible points of entry. This will prevent the possibility of recurrence from any future intruders.


Choose the wildlife control service that guarantees a job well done. Choose the animal and rodent control company that’s friendly, respectful, and detail-oriented. Choose the company that leverages years of training, experience, and expertise to rid your property of wildlife. Commercial and residential clients alike choose Wildlife Control LLC.

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